Introducing: TruckRight

October 1, 2014



October 1st , 2014 – Belleville, ON Canada. Dirk Kupar, President of Truck-Right Data Management Inc., a company proud to provide bilingual web-based services for the Canadian Transportation Industry, is pleased to announce the launch of TruckRight.

TruckRight is a web-based recruiting/application management, human resources and payroll service solution. It will help you to securely build and manage compliant job application files from an applicant’s initial contact in our application management module, all the way through the hiring life cycle into our human resources module.

As we know the trucking industry has imposed a complex payroll process on itself, but thankfully our payroll module makes it easier to deal with the complexities.

Best of all, TruckRight is integrated with D.A.D (Drivers Authenticated Data), allowing you to request and receive verified employment records and documentation.

80 Harriett St Belleville, ON K8P 1V7
Phone 1-855-932-9323
Fax 1-855-IFAXDAD (432-9323)