The Great White North

October 8, 2014


Well it’s wintertime again in the great White North. Or just about to be! This requires professional drivers to change their behaviours slightly while on the road. When the weather turns foul, we all need to pay attention. When the weather is bad, I see trucks in the ditch. And I know that many times it was not the operator’s fault. But there is a difference between fault and was it preventable. What I’m saying is that many times the professional drivers don’t allow enough time or space for the actions of the “unprofessional”.

So what is the easiest way to account for the lack of skill that is on display daily on our highways? Leave more space! That’s it, plain and simple. Leave more space. Without getting into all of the scientific details about braking coefficient, let’s say that when driving on wet pavement, your stopping distance is about twice the distance that it is on dry. If you are on snow covered roads then you had better leave even more space.

So the tip I offer to you, regarding winter driving, is to leave more space between you and the unprofessional. Let’s all have a safe winter drive.