Five musts in social recruiting

January 13, 2016


Social media has transformed how businesses recruit today. Consider that, on a monthly basis, more than 288 million people use Twitter and 300 million use Instagram. Even more, about 890 million a day, use Facebook.

Social platforms are marketing platforms, but hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly turning to them to find talent too. Transportation companies, in particular should be using social media to find qualified drivers.

It’s one solution to cutting the costs associated with more traditional old school methods of finding and hiring drivers. If you visit truck driving schools, truck stops, job fairs and expos, etc., those incur large costs such as travel and other expenses. Also the price of advertising (billboards, radio and print) is growing costlier, showing on ROI (Return on Investment).

So social media recruiting can help you reduce those costs and also save lots of time — provided you do it right. To help you save money as you search online for qualified drivers you might consider the following when it comes to using social media to find prospects.

1. Find Where Potential Drivers Are
Find out which social media sites are the ones used by your potential hires. This requires that you do some research. Maybe you should consider asking your own employees, formally or informally which social media sites they prefer. Focus on the larger sites like Facebook as well as industry-specific social networks.

2. Don’t Forget Your Own Social Media Accounts
Social media is all about staying in touch with friends, as well as meeting new people. Remember to share with your own personal network that you are looking for candidates. The larger your personal network is the better. So be sure to connect with the proper influencers to expand your reach.

3. Social Media is a Two-Way Street
When using social media to find drivers, don’t sit back and wait for drivers to knock on your online door. Instead, make sure your profiles are updated and fresh. Also remember, corporate culture is what the new generation of drivers wants to know about — so give them their fill. Communicate in a clear, honest way what it’s like to work at your company. Furthermore, the best approach is to constantly work on building relationships so you can access a pool of great candidates.

4. Create Social Media Value
Create a robust company profile and systematically tweet and post new job openings, as well as news about your company and industry. If you make your tweets and posts of genuine value to candidates in your industry, more people will follow you — and apply to openings about which you tweet and post.

5. Enlist Your Workforce
Allow your current drivers to share their experiences at your company with their friends via social media. Your drivers can aid your recruiting efforts and help spread the word that your company is a great place to work. Insight into the organization provided by your actual driver tends to be a powerful way to reach potential drivers.

Article by Kelly Maddock of KJ Media, a driver recruitment marketing company in the transportation industry.