TCA 2016 Annual Convention advance industry strategies

March 14, 2016


LAS VEGAS, NV — Thanks to the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) for putting together a fantastic 78th Annual Convention March 6 to 9, 2016.

The TruckRight team had a great time speaking with everyone who stopped by our booth and talking about issues such as recruiting and retention within the transportation industry.

This event brought together for-hire carriers, industry suppliers and individuals involved with truckload-specific operations to discuss ideas and develop new strategies to pave the way for the industry’s future. Sessions included “Creating Efficiencies in Our Supply Chain — Getting the Product to Market”, “Background Screening Trends— Are You Keeping Pace?”, an economic outlook and many other informative discussions. No industry event is better at bringing so many truckload executives together under one roof to discuss industry-wide concerns than TCA’s Annual Convention. We know that this convention moved those discussions and strategies forward in a big way.

TCA’s Annual Convention is truly a premier gathering place for the truckload segment of the trucking industry. From raising $275,000 at the third annual Scholarship Fund Gala to recognizing the best of the best who participate in our industry, it was fantastic to see industry players support each other. It was truly an honor to participate in such a preeminent event. Congratulations to all who were honored.

We are already looking forward to #2017TCA.