Erb signs on with TruckRight for a complete cradle to grave employee solution

June 6, 2016


NEW HAMBURG, ONT. — Erb Group of Companies has selected TruckRight as its software of choice to completely transform the way the company maintains its employee files, saying it is a true cradle to grave solution.

“We really think this solution will enable us to automate and streamline our processes regarding the driver files.  It will allow us to be more efficient and more accurate too so we’re not missing things, whether it’s renewals, expirations or other requirements,” said Dave Dietrich, Erb’s Vice-President of Human Resources.

“We looked at other solutions and they were sort of piece meal, bits and pieces of the solution over the life cycle of the employee. TruckRight is the complete cradle to grave, right from the application process through to termination.

“It’s one stop shopping.”

Erb has signed a five-year contract with TruckRight, a cloud-based applicant tracking system that follows a driver’s employment cycle from the day she/he submits an application until the day the employee leaves the company. This All-in-One system employee engagement portal fosters a culture of engaged employees while automating safety & compliance and strengthening training.

“Our system puts all your most valuable information right at your fingertips and is customizable to each company and each user,” said TruckRight president Dirk Kupar.

“We are pleased to see that fleets across the country are saying that our system has dramatically changed the way their companies communicate.”

Erb had been looking for a paperless solution to help make driver files more accessible across its eight locations, as well as make the company more productive. Erb’s Driver Services’ representatives currently spend a lot of time on administration, orientation, and driver file requirements.

“It’s certainly our hope that with the TruckRight solution we can be more efficient, reduce some of the time spent on manual processes and just allow them to spend more time with the drivers training and mentoring,” said Dietrich.

Both family-owned businesses, Erb and TruckRight have built their reputation on hard work, customer satisfaction and old-fashioned values. TruckRight is a system that is built specifically for the transportation industry by people who used to be drivers themselves.

“We really got the feeling from meeting Dirk and a number of people from TruckRight that they want to work with their customers,” said Dietrich.

“If there are things that we can suggest to improve the product for all users, we felt that TruckRight would step up and do that.”

For more information, contact:
Kelly Lapointe, Web Marketing Manager, TruckRight
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