Five Steps For Greater Engagement

Driver Engagement

December 19, 2016


We at TruckRight obviously think that our software will lead to better employee engagement, and thus retention. But here are a few more tips on how to increase engagement.

 1. Be Honest
Studies show that early turnover happens when there is a gap in job expectations and reality.

2. Communicate
Frequently touching base with employees through social media, newsletters, surveys and email can help drivers feel like they have a better connection to the company as a whole.

3. Create a Space For Drivers
Allow drivers to easily access their files, documents and tasks, making them feel more in control of their own destiny within the company.

4. Be Mobile-Friendly
Your drivers are always on the road, why shouldn’t your training? Ensure they can complete tasks, such as training and quizzes, while on the road.

5. Be Efficient
Efficient use of drivers’ time goes a long way in non-verbally communicating your respect for them. Provide opportunities for them to fill out paperwork without having to come into a terminal.

Remember: Happy drivers are your best recruiters.