Happy Digital Learning Day!

February 27, 2020


We love celebrating Digital Learning Day here at TruckRight. Our clients tell us that e-learning is a proven tactic that can help retention, onboarding and safety & compliance and we are more than happy to facilitate that through our software.

With such a mobile workforce, the trucking industry can really benefit from the flexibility of e-learning as drivers can take the training according to their own schedule and from anywhere.

According to research, every $1 put into e-learning results in $30 worth of work. (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-e-learning-thing- right-now-anna-marie-a-?forceNoSplash=true) And knowledge retention from e-learning are 25 to 60%, compared to face to face training retention rate, which are 8 to 10% ( http://www.ttcinnovations.com/10-surprising-benefits-of-elearning/)

As e-learning provides more engaging and interactive content, those who train online learn nearly five times more material compared to traditional methods without increasing training time. (ibid) This type of learning has also been proven effective regardless of learning style, language skills or educational background.

E-learning allows for more individualized training based on specific needs rather than the needs of a large groups. This can also include corrective action tailored to the violation.

More traditional training provides uncertainty regarding compliance, while online learning handles this with ease. With online training, it is easy to ensure that all DOT regulations on training are met through customized reporting and automated assignment reminders.