How to Ensure You’re Prepared for a DOT Audit


July 13, 2020


Picture this: it’s Monday morning. You’ve just sat down at your desk, poured your coffee, and are ready to start a new week. Just then, it happens: you get a call from the DOT informing you that your company is being audited. Your stomach sinks, thinking of all the files you’re going to have to sort through and the stacks of paperwork that will need to be organized. Almost immediately, panic sets in and the scramble to gather everything you need officially begins. But with so much to keep track of, it’s easy – way too easy — to misplace a critical file or an important piece of paper that can mean the difference between a successful audit…and one that isn’t. No matter which type of audit you’re facing – a compliance review, a new entrant audit, a security audit, or a hazardous materials audit – this is when it truly pays to be prepared.

The lack of readiness can lead to substantial fines or even worse, being placed out of service.

So, with that said, let’s now imagine a different situation: you get that very same call from the DOT, but this time around, you’re prepared, knowing that every single compliance-related file is safely and securely stored and easy to access within TruckRight’s system.

Our paperless workflow means that maintaining compliant driver files is almost completely automated. Driver Qualification files routinely notify the assigned person when annual reviews are due, when training is needed, and when any license or card is about to expire.

Brings a sense of relief, doesn’t it?

If you need more convincing, here are our top five reasons you need to embrace all the potential technology has to offer your company, and go digital with TruckRight:

  • You’ll Save Physical Space in Your Office. Adopting a digital filing system, which allows everything to be stored safely and securely within the cloud, means you can rid your office of all those bulky filing cabinets.
  • You’ll Always Know When Important Documents/Licenses/Etc. Need Updating. Avoid unnecessary fines and penalties that come with forgetting a renewal. You and your drivers will automatically be alerted when any document (driving records, medical certificates, etc.) needs updating.
  • Everything is Securely Stored. TruckRight’s proprietary software means that every single DQ file is securely stored within our system. You don’t need to worry about files being accessed by anyone that shouldn’t see them, or you losing a file due to human error. You’re also able to access those files anytime, anywhere, because all the files can be easily accessed on a cellphone.
  • You’ll Save Money. Managing all those driver files manually is expensive. By going digital, you’ll discover cost savings and be able to focus more of your money (and time) on the things that matter, such as developing lasting connections with your drivers.
  • You’ll Always Have Assistance. Our team is here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, you can rest assured knowing we’re always just a phone call away.

Book your demo with TruckRight, and once you’re set up in our system, we promise: you’ll be ready whenever that call from the DOT comes.