Ignite Webinar – Inside Content Development


February 26, 2021


The CarriersEdge Content team continues to grow, which is only fitting since the amount of content we plan to produce is also growing exponentially. With customers in both Canada and the US requiring courses in three languages as well as multiple trailer types, the content development process can get pretty complex. Join Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge and Instructional Designer Tiffany Cancian on March 9 at 1 p.m. EST as they talk about the development process, its challenges and how to balance getting the right information with making it enjoyable.

This discussion will include:

  • A brief overview of course development at CarriersEdge
  • How we decide what content to create
  • How we know when we’ve got it all – and if we got it right
  • The techniques we use to make content engaging
  • The art of creating multiple versions of the same content

If you’re interested in attending, you may register in advance, click here

Feel free to share with your colleagues as well – they’re invited, too!