New Fuel Efficiency and Hours of Service Canada Modules Released

New Fuel Efficiency Modules

May 17, 2021


Two new courses are now available in the Ignite e-Learning subscription: 2021 Fuel Efficiency and 2021 Hours of Service (Canadian Regulations).

In both cases:

1. The course names begin with 2021 so that you can tell which are the new ones.

2. There are multiple modules. The full course can be taken as a whole, or as separate modules. Hours of Service Canada has four separate modules and Fuel Efficiency has two. 

3. These new courses replace old versions that will be left online until May 31st, 2021. Anyone in progress with these courses should finish them before that time.

The French translation of HOS will be available approximately beginning to mid-June. 

The French version of Fuel Efficiency will be available approximately end of June.