TruckRight Heads to Vegas for Truckload 2021

Las Vegas

September 24, 2021


The TruckRight team is looking forward to seeing you in person at the TCA’s annual conference in Las Vegas from September 25 to 28.

During this event, industry experts will provide invaluable opportunities to connect, network, and attend amazing educational roundtables discussing today’s top industry issues and develop solutions. Keynote speakers and panelists are always informative and deliver extremely relevant resources pertinent to everyone.

Don’t miss TruckRight president Dirk Kupar as he speaks on “Making Driver Turnover a Problem of the Past”. This session will share effective onboarding and retention strategies built around practical policies and procedures. Other key topics will include how managers and owners need to make safety culture a priority, why drivers leave, and strategies to make them stay with an emphasis on the power of increased communication and driver engagement. Additionally, Dirk will highlight the importance of prioritizing training and professional development, developing a solid online presence, and celebrating driver performance.

From its powerhouse speakers to the more than two dozen educational workshops, #2021TCA is shaping up to be an amazing event.

Check us out at booth 306, and book your in-person demo here.