A 67-second primer on TruckRight

All-in-one people software

January 26, 2023


New video alert! Here’s a quick top-line explainer video about TruckRight, the all-in-one people platform built just for fleets.

Built by truckers for truckers, it’s the only enterprise-grade software platform that brings together recruiting, onboarding, online training, and compliance management—all in one system. So you can fill your seats and keep them full, while also minimizing risk.

Whether you’re in safety, recruiting or HR, TruckRight will save you time, automate countless tasks and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Most importantly, it gets all those teams, and multiple offices, working together in one centralized platform.

Check out the rest of our website to learn more about how TruckRight can help you manage everything about your people, from recruitment to retirement. Better yet, book a 1:1 demo to learn about it first hand from our team.