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How Boyle streamlined recruiting & compliance

Laura Duryea, Director of Driver Recruiting and Professional Growth, and Mike Lasko, Vice-President of EHS and Quality, are part of Boyle Transportation, a nationwide fleet offering specialty transport for the life sciences and government & defense industries, and ten-year Best Fleets to Drive For winner.

As longtime Boyle employees, Duryea and Lasko both have high praise for its company culture, its affinity for embracing technology and the close-knit working relationship among Boyle employees.

“I love the professionalism at Boyle, I love the people I work for, “Duryea said. “I like that I’m a woman and people don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about; that did happen to me before elsewhere.”

“The thing I love is the culture,” Lasko explained. “We have this very proactive, people-friendly culture. It’s great.”

The Problem: With clients like the American military and multinational pharmaceutical companies, Boyle needed a way to bring in highly qualified drivers. They also needed a tech-forward solution that allowed the company to meet its own rigorous compliance requirements.

“Our time-to-hire is probably one of the longest time-to-hire in the whole industry.” Duryea said. “Where other companies are worried about time to hire, it’s really about quality of hire for us.”

I was probably spending 30% of my day maintaining paper DQ files. Now it’s probably less than 5% of my day…TruckRight is a big win in that regard.” -Mike Lasko

It also meant Boyle had to pass stringent and regular audits for every one of their high-profile clients. With these audits constantly taking place, it became risky for Boyle to keep using paper Driver Qualification (DQ) files.

“Paper DQ files would get handled hundreds of times, and things would get misplaced,” Lasko said. “We were tired of risking a non-compliance over something like that.”

In order to guarantee both quality service and to meet confidentiality needs, Boyle needed “a perfect solution” to manage their demanding compliance schedule.

The Solution: By switching to TruckRight, Boyle streamlined its recruitment and compliance into one system. Not only did recruitment become simple enough for one person to manage, the switch to digital files made compliance management much more efficient.

Despite the mountains of compliance files that needed to be converted to digital, Lasko found the project ran smoothly thanks to TruckRight’s intuitive software. The TruckRight process simplified (the adding of new digital files). We were able to get our DQ files uploaded without having to outsource anything. We didn’t have to incur that additional expense. We were able to handle that in-house.”

It also became simpler to qualify the drivers they were looking for. In particular, Duryea loves that driver candidates are able to digitally sign onboarding documents from no matter where they are. “Drivers are also able to view their own DQ file, and see their MVR and PSP. Any background checks that we have, they’re able to view them.” This transparency not only makes recruitment simpler, it allows Boyle to have greater transparency with their drivers.



Lasko calls switching to TruckRight “like being thrown a lifeline”.  Not only was Boyle greatly able to reduce compliance risks, TruckRight has drastically reduced the time he used to spend tracking and managing paper DQ files.

“I was probably spending 30% of my day maintaining paper DQ files. Now that’s probably less than 5% of my day. Anytime you can get that much of your day back, and devote that time resource to items that are going to get you more return on your investment…TruckRight is a big win in that regard.”

Duryea has high praise for how TruckRight puts time management right in their drivers’ hands. “TruckRight is a one-stop shop. You can set up drip marketing, you can set up recontact lists, you can set up different tags for different drivers…It empowers drivers to manage their own documents as well. I love that part of it.”  It’s also greatly improved Boyle’s recruitment efforts; Duryea estimates they’ve hired 300 drivers since the company brought TruckRight aboard.

TruckRight has enabled Boyle to find the top-quality candidates they need, and easily manage their robust audit schedule with their military and pharma clients.

Says Lasko: “It makes the maintenance of DQ files a whole lot easier. It’s definitely a win for both the company and the drivers.”


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