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How Energy Dispatch streamlined compliance management

Billy Spears is the Regional Safety Manager for Energy Dispatch, the in-house carrier for RaceTrac gas stations across the southeastern US. Energy Dispatch’s fleet of nearly 100 tanker trucks and more than 250 drivers hauls a whopping 1.5 billion gallons of fuel every year.

(TruckRight) is really easy to navigate. I couldn’t imagine not having it, honestly. Everything would be everywhere. So, it’s nice to have everything in one spot.”

Hauling all that fuel means safety and compliance have to be more than a priority-at Energy Dispatch, they’re essential.

Challenge: For the safety of everyone on the road, Energy Dispatch needed an effective system to manage its drivers’ multiple compliance requirements. They also needed a system that was user-friendly enough for everyone-from drivers to HR staff- to navigate.

Solution: The TruckRight software platform made it simple for Energy Dispatch to track crucial documents, perform tanker training and be aware of expiring documents well in advance…and all in one system. Compliance is straightforward for everyone in the company.

Spears draws attention to how Energy Dispatch’s 250 drivers can update their own essential information, like HAZMAT cards, any time and anywhere. “(In TruckRight) you can set up expiration dates, they’ll send us alerts, letting us know if a driver is getting ready to expire. His driver’s license, his DOT physical…it keeps us from having a driver down, trying to get issues taken care of.”



Energy Dispatch has not only improved their compliance management, they’ve sped up the process-all without compromising on safety.

TruckRight has truly become a “recruitment to retirement” solution for both Energy Dispatch and its drivers.  “It really helps our HR department on the backside get all this stuff filled out,” Spears says, “and nothing gets missed because if it’s not filled out, the system is going to let you know that that piece of paperwork hasn’t been filled out”.

In fact, Energy Dispatch drivers are introduced to TruckRight from the moment they’re hired. “We use it for onboarding new drivers. They go in and they spend almost their whole first day in new hire training in TruckRight.”

“(TruckRight) is really easy to navigate. It’s actually pretty simple. I couldn’t imagine not having it, honestly. Everything would be everywhere. So, it’s nice to have everything in one spot.”


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