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How KTG cut its onboarding time in HALF

Greta Krasteva is the recruiting manager for Kriska Transportation Group, one of Canada’s largest and safest carriers. The nearly 50-year-old company has acquired multiple fleets in recent years, and now boasts more than 850 drivers, over 800 trucks, and over 2000 trailers. Their transportation corridor is home to more than 18 million people, which is over half of Canada’s population.

It frees time. I am very proud to say I was able to handle six companies all by myself. It is doable. It’s a savings to the company and at the same time, assures that the job is done properly.”

Challenge: KTG is so massive, the fleet is broken down into five separate companies. With Greta heading up recruitment for all of them, KTG needed a viable solution for tracking and managing every single applicant and new hire. They wanted to maintain standards for the sprawling KTG group and its drivers, while also preserving their stellar safety record.

Solution: KTG chose TruckRight to manage its recruitment, onboarding, compliance management and e-Learning, which made the process of managing almost a thousand drivers simple and straightforward.



KTG was able to successfully manage recruitment for every one of its companies.

Today, TruckRight is the heart of KTG’s recruiting engine, pumping success from application to hire, and enabling them to maintain fast, seamless recruitment and onboarding, despite the company’s massive size.

As Krasteva puts it: “the ease of controlling the volume of applications, which sometimes is in thousands per month, is incredible. Controlling traffic is critical. TruckRight lets us filter via the quick app saving hundreds of HR hours per year. It also automates basic tasks, giving us time to speak to drivers in person, which is vital.”

Krasteva credits not just the software, but TruckRight’s approach to client service, too.

“Whenever you buy something, the salespeople sell you the product. And then, you go figure it out after that. TruckRight went backwards. We signed up, we got our training, and then any additional training. They never said ‘no’.”

Advice: Krasteva calls TruckRight “a next-century product” that streamlines and simplifies recruitment for fleets. That’s not all the praise she and KTG have, though.

“The customer service with TruckRight, it’s a world-class red carpet just by itself.”


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