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How Parish Transport made compliance a snap

Teresa Howse is an independent safety consultant who counts Parish Transport among her clients. The 20-year industry veteran is also the former director of safety for Parish, and led the charge to overhaul its onboarding process. As a transborder carrier which counts heavy hauling among its specialties, efficient and effective onboarding and compliance management are musts.


With their paper-choked system of managing driver files, Parish was finding that compliance management was becoming both a headache and a risk.

“We were still doing everything ‘old school style’”, Howse said. “We were collecting everything by paper, and I knew there had to be a better way.”  Fed up with messy paper trails accompanying each new driver, Howse began to look for a software platform that would not only enable efficient onboarding, but allow Parish to achieve a high level of regulatory compliance.


That’s when Howse discovered TruckRight. Other software platforms either lacked the capabilities Parish needed, were cost-prohibitive, or both.

“I started researching, and I found TruckRight. It has all the bells and whistles. Out of all the options, TruckRight was by far the best for being cost-effective and offering all the features we needed as well.”


Both Parish and Howse were immediately pleased at the caliber of customer service they received from TruckRight during the implementation process. They had high praise for one member of the support team in particular. “Melanie did an excellent job. We went through our training sessions with her. She talked us right through everything. When questions have come up along the way, we talked to the support team and they were right on it. It’s so different from other companies that we deal with. When we contact TruckRight support, we get an answer right away.”

TruckRight cut our hiring and onboarding time down to hardly anything.”

Almost immediately after the implementation, Parish began to notice results. “Within weeks we could see it was all going much better,” Howse said. “TruckRight cut our hiring and onboarding process time down to hardly anything.” The Parish team was able to dramatically speed up onboarding time. Their drivers were also empowered to update their own documents and keep themselves in compliance, including those with special endorsements needed for heavy hauling. “Everything our drivers need is all right there. They click a button, do whatever they need to do, and we’re done.”

Today, Howse says the biggest impact TruckRight has made is the reduction in onboarding time, along with far more efficient compliance management. “DOT compliance and recruitment are much easier to manage”, she says, also noting that TruckRight helps ensure the accuracy of those files as well.

Howse loves the way TruckRight has helped make Parish’s processes more efficient, and says any carrier who’s considering TruckRight needs to give it a try. “I would tell them do not hesitate! Go for it. It has been fantastic for us”.


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