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Here’s how Truline surpassed its recruitment goals

Estrella Samayo is the Recruiting Manager for Truline Corporation, a 65-year-old carrier in the southwest which has rapidly expanded in recent years to offer flatbed, refrigerated and dedicated service to its clients.

Samayo, who joined Truline nearly three years ago, says she loves the company’s truly collaborative approach to teamwork. “(Truline) has an actual open-door policy.”, she says. “No matter who it is, the owner or my boss or anyone, you can go and talk to them and discuss what’s going on.”

It eliminates ‘Broken Telephone’. Anyone who has access can pull up a driver’s file, see all of the notes attached, and decide if we want to move forward with that applicant.”

Samayo arrived at Truline right when the company launched a wide-ranging plan to expand their routes and operations. This also meant the company would need to effectively recruit, and then onboard, a huge number of new drivers.

The Problem

Truline’s ambitious expansion goals meant that the company had to both effectively recruit quality drivers, and onboard them efficiently as well. Samayo says the company quickly realized their traditional paper-based recruiting system wasn’t going to cut it.

The company wanted to perform their recruiting and onboarding more effectively. “Having to do all the manual paperwork was becoming difficult because the business was growing.” Samayo said.  After multiple meetings, Truline decided TruckRight was best for them.

The Solution

In 2021, Truline went live on TruckRight. Almost immediately, the company began to see results.

Truline was no longer bogged down by manually entering data or chasing misplaced documents. As the company grew, it was able to manage both recruitment and onboarding with ease, and Samayo credits much of that to being able to manage everything all from one system. “A big part of that is we were getting so much assistance from the support team with pulling reports”.

TruckRight also eliminated games of broken telephone every time someone reviewed a potential hire. “Anyone who has access can pull up a driver’s file, see all of the notes attached, and see the reason why we couldn’t bring them on,” Samayo says, “My boss can decide if he wants to move forward with that applicant.” Truline was saving time, energy and money as it grew.



Truline was able to meet its expansion goals with ease, thanks to efficient recruiting and onboarding through TruckRight.

“(My boss) said it made it so much easier to onboard new drivers.”, Samayo said. “Truline was hiring anywhere from 18 to 27 people at a time.”  With TruckRight, the company was able to easily qualify, hire and bring in drivers. Samayo says they’re able to do most orientations online. “If we have a huge group starting, we might bring them in, but otherwise it’s based more on keeping the lanes where they need to be.”

Samayo also said TruckRight made it easier for her to manage a day where she “might be doing 50 things at once”, since everything she needs is all in one place.  She also had high praise for TruckRight’s sister marketing firm, KAT Media (“it’s been our savior”) and their frequent communications to ensure Truline’s marketing goals are following the path they’re looking for.

In fact, the customer service from TruckRight might be what Samayo enjoys best about TruckRight. She says that combo of highly advanced software and the human touch from the support team is fantastic.

“TruckRight is life-changing. Any company who’s interested should truly, truly give it chance. they’re going to see in 30 days how it’s benefiting their company.”

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