D.A.D. Services (Drivers Authenticated Data)

D.A.D Drivers Authenticated Data
D.A.D Drivers Authenticated Data

Accelerated Onboarding

Dedicated Services

Trying to do more with less? Need flexibility?

D.A.D Services' Virtual Assistants help in:

  • Recruitment
  • Processing
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Employment Verifications

We know how busy you are - get a team working for you.

Our Dedicated Services staff can prequalify drivers and answer recruiting calls in real time. We uphold your standards to ensure your requirements are met so you secure the drivers you want.

Building a strong retention strategy starts here.

Employment Verification
(Background Checks)

Applicants with something to hide may omit a previous employer from their work history. You need to know. Our employment verification service provides you with fast, impartial results

  • Undisclosed employment records
  • Repository for your previous drivers work records
  • Verified dates of previous employment
  • Automated compliance
  • Fast/Impartial results

Drug and alcohol verification

Drug and alcohol verification can be done independently or in conjunction with our employment verification services.

  • Get your applicants' verified drug and alcohol records from previous employers
  • Store the drug and alcohol records of your previous drivers and employees
  • Secure data transfer ensures privacy

Driver/ Independent Contractor Retention/ Rehire Survey

Most companies have tried some form of Exit Survey hoping to learn why good drivers leave and what they can do to keep the next one.

TruckRight provides an impartial, data-driven survey to give you the information you need to help retain your best drivers. Your growth and continued success depends on your ability to provide a work environment that meets or exceeds your driver's goals and expectations.

  • Identify goals and expectations
  • Build a strong retention strategy
  • Exit surveys track your data, identify patterns
  • 30/45 day measures for improvement

Drivers Access

Respecting the privacy of drivers is something D.A.D takes seriously. For transparency and accountability, drivers can access their D.A.D report once a year free of charge.

  • Fully transparent
  • Free service
  • Fully automated

Want to communicate directly with another human being?

We're here for you:   1.855.932.9323 | [email protected]

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TruckRight Packages
Recruiting ROI Comparison

Number of Trucks

TruckRight Enterprise $6.50

- TruckRight Pro $3.90

Truck Revenue/Mile
Driver wage/mile
Benefits/burden cost %
Truck fuel usage mpg.
Fuel cost/mile
Profit Loss from One Parked Truck
Average miles/day
Day cost of truck parked
Profit Loss from All Parked Trucks
Number of trucks parked/day
Total cost of parked trucks/day
Average parked truck savings (in days) from using TruckRight



*Based on averages/month

Paper-based Filing
How much do you spend on paper-based filing?

Number of Trucks

Benefit/burden cost %
Staffing cost/hour
Staffing cost/minute
Number of files reviewed/day
Time to review each file (minutes)
Average work days/month
Staffing cost/minute
Cost to review employee files
Preparing and filing time/document (minutes)
Number of documents/file
Staffing cost/minute
Staffing cost/month
Time spent finding a file that has been misfiled
Staffing cost/minute
Retrieving misfiled files
Floor space in sq/ft needed for one filing cabinet
Building occupancy price/square foot
File storage costs
Offsite storage cost
Storage cost
Faxing and Courier
Time to fax and retrieve documents (minutes)
Staffing cost/minute
Daily courier usage
Cost of courier usage
Work days/month
Faxing and courier costs/month


*Based on averages/month

Screening ROI
How much do you spend on screening drivers per hire?

ROI: $1,087.11
Total Annual Savings*

D.A.D Services
Total number of drivers in your fleet
Turnover %
Number of drivers screened per hire
Company Costings
Staffing hourly rate
Benefit/burden cost %
Total number of drivers in your fleet
Turnover %
Number of drivers screened per hire
Faxing and Courier
Time to fax and retrieve documents (minutes)
Staffing cost/minute
Daily courier usage
Cost of courier usage
Work days/month
Faxing and courier costs/month


*Based on averages/month

How much do you spend on non-compliance?

Litigation Calculator


The true cost of an accident can be staggering. Besides direct costs, indirect costs like poor publicity, lost clients and lost productivity can take a toll. The average cost for a truck accident is $148,279, not including litigation. It would take an additional revenue of $7,413,950 to pay the accident costs, assuming an average profit margin of 2%. A study of over one million lines of data on truck violations discovered that over 28,000 trucking companies, representing over 200,000 trucks, operated with safety violations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s (FMSCA) settlement for non-compliance was $36,262,097 in 2014 with an average fine of over $7,000 per case.