Hire faster.
Retain longer.
Streamline compliance.

Countless fleets use TruckRight to speed up recruiting and onboarding, achieve high levels of regulatory compliance, and retain their drivers longer. It’s driver management software done right. Fill out the form to talk to our team, or scroll down to learn more.


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Our intuitive software is easy to use for both drivers and office staff. It helps fleets maximize efficiency across compliance management, recruiting, onboarding, training, and driver communications.

Hire faster

Recruit and onboard truck drivers and other team members twice as fast.

Retain longer

Give drivers a great self-serve experience and communicate with them seamlessly.

Stay compliant

Automate compliance management, centralize driver files and be audit-ready.


  • Saves time and money by automating countless tasks
  • Centralizes critical data and puts it at your fingertips
  • Breaks down silos between teams and locations
  • Gives you instant access to VOEs and DLVs as needed
  • Provides clear, concise and relevant reporting
  • Sends alerts to drivers for documents coming due
  • Is configurable to your needs and your brand
  • Supports English, French and Spanish
  • Comes with outstanding customer service

North America’s best fleets trust TruckRight, including:

Canada Post
Boyle Transportation
Energy Dispatch

What our clients are saying

Truline Transportation – Estrella Samayo

It eliminates ‘Broken Telephone’. Anyone who has access can pull up a driver’s file, see all of the notes attached, and decide if we want to move forward with that applicant.

Estrella Samayo

Recruiting Manager at Truline Transportation

 Parish Transport – Teresa Howse

TruckRight cut our hiring and onboarding process time down to hardly anything. Within weeks we could see it was all going much better.

Teresa Howse

Director of Safety at Parish Transport

Energy Dispatch – Billy

TruckRight is really easy to navigate. I couldn’t imagine not having it, honestly. Everything would be everywhere. So, it’s nice to have everything in one spot.

Billy Spears

Regional Safety Manager at Energy Dispatch

Boyle – Laura

By using their platform, we’re able to consistently improve our processes. I love the fact that TruckRight allows the drivers to upload their own documents!

Laura Duryea

Manager of Driver Development at Boyle Transportation


Online learning allows us to maximize our time. Drivers can take training while they’re waiting for a load or at any time that fits their schedule.

Shea Monson

Safety & Equipment Manager at Monson and Sons


​It frees time. I am very proud to say I was able to handle five companies all by myself. It is doable. It’s a savings to the company and at the same time, assures that the job is done properly.

Greta Krasteva

Fleet Recruiter at KTG Group of Companies


There’s never been a day when we didn’t have somebody to call. TruckRight has taken our recruiting and onboarding beyond the next level. We’re meeting our goals and filling our trucks!

Leland Krumrey

Driver Services and Safety Manager at Fortune Transportation

Energy Dispatch

TruckRight allowed us to consolidate our HR process into one centralized system, allowing our team to spend less time processing candidate files and more time recruiting, sourcing, and so on.

Omar Bah

Senior Manager of Transportation at Energy Dispatch


As TruckRight’s first client, I have been impressed with their care and concern for our company’s needs. Customer support and communication has been second to none.

Adam T. Cooney

President of Cooney Transport Ltd.

Boyle – Micheal Lasko

I was probably spending 30% of my day maintaining paper DQ files. Now that’s probably less than 5% of my day. TruckRight is a big win in that regard.

Michael Lasko

Director of EHS and Quality at Boyle Transportation