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Meet Our Team

In 2014, TruckRight launched with just a dream, a vision and a handful of employees ready to hustle to bring our company's mission and vision to life.

While our history speaks for itself, it’s what we’re doing now — and where we’re taking this company in the future – that truly matters.

What makes our team (although we prefer to think of ourselves as a family) different? All of us take pride in our products and services, and what it all means to clients just like you.

Get to know us!

Lisa & Dirk Kupar

Lisa & Dirk Kupar - Co-founders


Steve M. Steve M.

Steve M.

VP, Operations

Kelly L. Kelly L.

Kelly L.

VP, Business Development

Travis Kupar Travis Kupar

Travis Kupar

Director of HR

Kathleen T. Kathleen T.

Kathleen T.


Donna G. Donna G.

Donna G.



Angelica C. Angelica C.

Angelica C. mail_outline

Account Executive

Meagan M. Meagan M.

Meagan M. mail_outline

Account Executive

Crystal A. Crystal A.

Crystal A. mail_outline

Account Executive

Paula W. Paula W.

Paula W. mail_outline

Business Development


Katrina G. Katrina G.

Katrina G. mail_outline

Marketing Manager

Chris B. Chris B.

Chris B.

Marketing Coordinator

Eric D. Eric D.

Eric D.

Marketing Coordinator

Courtney S. Courtney S.

Courtney S.

Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Professional Services

Teri W. Teri W.

Teri W.

Compliance Specialist

Carissa H. Carissa H.

Carissa H.

Recruiter Manager

Carrie V. Carrie V.

Carrie V.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Ashley L. Ashley L.

Ashley L.

Talent Acquisition / Compliance Specialist

Natalie E. Natalie E.

Natalie E.

Verification Specialist Supervisor

Catherine P. Catherine P.

Catherine P.

Verification Specialist

Claire S. Claire S.

Claire S.

Verification Specialist

Eric M. Eric M.

Eric M.

Verification Specialist

Liv P. Liv P.

Liv P.

Verification Specialist / Business Development

Sonya B. Sonya B.

Sonya B.

Verification Specialist

Julie V. Julie V.

Julie V.

Verification Specialist

Client Success

Tabitha R. Tabitha R.

Tabitha R.

Client Success Manager

Denise C. Denise C.

Denise C.

Client Success

Melanie C. Melanie C.

Melanie C.

Client Success


Kyle Kupar Kyle Kupar

Kyle Kupar


Ekem D. Ekem D.

Ekem D.

Development Manager

Emily M. Emily M.

Emily M.

Project Manager

Adryan M. Adryan M.

Adryan M.

UX Designer/Developer

Shaun F. Shaun F.

Shaun F.

UX Designer/Developer

Adam Q. Adam Q.

Adam Q.


Jiji G. Jiji G.

Jiji G.


Kevin S. Kevin S.

Kevin S.


Matthew H. Matthew H.

Matthew H.


Mike H. Mike H.

Mike H.


Nathan P. Nathan P.

Nathan P.


Quality Assurance

Fiona S. Fiona S.

Fiona S.

Team Lead, QA Tester

Austin H. Austin H.

Austin H.

IT/QA Tester

Brent G. Brent G.

Brent G.

QA Tester

Chris T. Chris T.

Chris T.

QA Tester

Dylan Dylan

Dylan J.

QA Tester

Kerianne R. Kerianne R.

Kerianne R.

QA Tester

Michael T. Michael T.

Michael T.

QA Tester

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