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As the world copes with the effects of COVID-19, there’s another problem the trucking industry will be facing all too soon: a significant driver scarcity. While it’s certainly not news that the industry was already short by tens of thousands of drivers last year, and that the shortage is expected to more than double over the next nine years, it wasn’t something that caused immediate concern. After all, carriers had almost a decade to make those low recruiting numbers rise.

And then the pandemic hit.

Recruiting new drivers isn’t now just a matter of finding the right people; it’s also a matter of doing it safely, effectively and efficiently.

Onboarding and training those recruits – without putting anyone’s health at risk – is another issue being faced by fleets.

To help mitigate the danger, and to help keep employees and their families safe, companies have been forced to reevaluate traditional approaches to recruiting and onboarding new employees.

This is where remote onboarding and digital training comes in.

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