Case Study: Proven Effective Social Recruiting Campaign

février 12, 2016


Transportation marketing company KJ Media conducted a case study implementing its 5 Steps to Successful Social Recruiting and came up with the following results.

Company:National Delivery Service Company operating in 93 cities.

Driver Target:Owner Operators, Company Drivers

Prior to launching social recruiting campaign, Company A invested in traditional forms of advertising including: radio, billboards, newspaper, Craigslist, and some job boards.

They found that radio and billboards were extremely costly and measuring an accurate ROI (Return on Investment) was a challenge. Depending on what area of the country you’re looking to place a billboard ad, the cost can range from $1,500 to $30,000 for a four week duration. This cost does not include set up costs for the physical billboard. The bigger the city, the bigger the cost. When it comes to radio, depending on the location cost can range from $2,500-$25,000 monthly. Newspaper and print, while not completely dead, there’s no question that the number of readers has declined due to advancement in technology. Again, measuring an ROI on these methods can be costly. Craigslist has been a saving grace for many years in the industry. Low cost, high return and measurable (depending on a company’s internal recruiting process). However, since Craigslist has shown the most results when recruiting drivers, it has become inundated with trucking job posts and limits getting your company’s message across and not allowing you the ability to stand among your competition. While some job boards had shown results, there wasn’t a specific organized strategy to tap into active and inactive job seekers online

By implementing social media, email marketing and driver recruitment/lead targeting pages the company tripled their monthly hires and are now able to measure their ROI.

Results from a six-month span:

Company A grew a fan base of 6,790. All fans were targeted through Facebook AD Targeting Tool, allowing them to target specifically to the type of driver they are hiring.

Company A received over 800 leads in targeted regions with a lead to hire ratio of 35%.

They were able to (and continue to) tap into the market of Professional Truck Drivers that are not only actively seeking employment, but those who are passively seeking employment which lead(s) to the quality of hire to increase.

Source: KJ Media