Top 6 reasons to adopt a digital DQ file

août 7, 2019


Access for drivers and staff – wherever, whenever

Engagement, communication, compliance and training at multiple terminals or while drivers are on the road doesn’t need to be a challenge anymore. Gone are the days where you have to plan to route a driver to a terminal just so they can sign a document or take some training. Giving drivers access to needed forms while they’re on the road only makes sense. Why put all of the onus on fleet staff to upload completed forms to your paperless filing cabinets. An interactive file allows the driver to directly login to complete the necessary paperwork or training and automatically alert the proper person in your fleet when it is complete.

Save on paper and filing time

Perhaps the most satisfying change for our customers is that they don’t have to see piles of paper; everything is streamlined and easily accessible in the software without all the clutter of paper. Not only will cutting out paper give you an immediately more efficient workflow and ease of finding information, but you’ll save immediately on internal communications and sharing of information as it’s easily available to anyone in your organization who needs the information (you get to choose who sees what!).

And say good bye to filing paper! The average North American company spends $20 in labor to file a single document and $120 in labor to find a misfiled document. Terrifyingly, 15% of all documents are misfiled or misplaced any given time, a complete nightmare for compliance folks! In total, 70% of “white collar” worker time is spent processing paper documents and 50% of an employee’s work time is spent searching for information. (Source: Coopers & Lybrand, Switching to digital DQ files allows you to get back to what matters most, engaging and retaining your drivers.

Click here to calculate how much paper-based filing is costing you.

Automated Notifications Directly to the Driver

Why make your staff be the middleman to alert drivers that their documents are coming up for renewal? Pick a system that communicates directly with your driver, alerting them of upcoming assignments and expirations. Allowing the driver to login on their phone and take a quick picture of the front and back of their new license and directly uploading into their portal eliminates so much back and forth and frees up staff time.

Reporting with the click of a button

No need to worry about keeping spreadsheets up to date, or creating calendar notifications. The great thing about paperless DQ file software is that you can run custom reporting based on your own needs. Do you need to see who has expirations coming up in the next 30 days? Review if all of your Owner/Operators have signed their contract? All of this is available with the click of a button, saving not only your time, but your sanity.

User friendly, intuitive workflow

You don’t need to be a computer genius to adopt digital DQ files. Look for software that has an intuitive workflow. We know that many drivers aren’t necessarily comfortable with high tech solutions, so why make it more difficult than it has to be for them to sign into their DQ files and complete what is needed. This includes having a “smart” software that will pre-fill the information that is already known, such as the name, SSN or address. You don’t want anyone spending more time that they need to filling out this information. We’ll get into other ways to make paperless onboarding a breeze another time.


When you’re researching your solution for digital DQ files, it is imperative that you take data security into account. We are talking about people’s personal information after all. Look for a solution that allows you to control what your colleagues have access to and takes data security seriously. Ensure the software itself is secure, has backups and has gone under rigorous security testing.