Are your leads going cold?

Leads going cold

septembre 6, 2019


As we’ve all experienced, it’s not uncommon for you to get all these great leads in your ATS and then you work them a few times and if you don’t get in touch with them, you relegate them to the dusty corners of your ATS until you “remember” to follow up with them.

You’ve paid all this money for these leads and you’re only going to work them once?

Setting up automated email campaigns on events-based triggers are a great way to ensure that you’re working your leads more than once without adding more workload to your recruiting team. No contact in 30 days? Send an automated email or SMS telling them you’re still interested in talking about their future with your company.
You already know their birthday, why not automate an email to everyone you didn’t hire wishing them a Happy Birthday? What about those that took a job elsewhere? We all know that turnover would be reduced by half if drivers stayed at their jobs for just the first 90 days They’re obviously not lost just because they took a job somewhere else. Automate your system to check in with them after they have started with a new company.

The ability to segment your leads based on geographical location, years of experience, equipment experience or route preferences allows you to follow up with drivers on a larger scale while keeping their specific preferences in mind. This gives your follow up communication not only a more personal touch, but the ability to entice them with lanes or benefits that matter to them most.

Automated emails and SMS messages are also a great way to engage the driver while you’re processing them and getting them ready for orientation. Automated touches as they hit certain recruiting milestones is a great way to keep checking in with the driver and letting them know they’re on their way to being approved for orientation. By the same token, automatically sending them an email if you don’t decide to hire them this time is a great personal touch.

Automation sounds so cold and detached in an industry built on relationships, but I know very few recruiters who have the time to individually send birthday emails to everyone they’ve talked to. Let it supplement your personal touches to create better efficiencies and greater engagement.