Ignite Releases New Course Material

New Course Material

janvier 8, 2021


Just in time for the start of 2021, Ignite has updated its Wellness Series, Preventing Illness. While the name is similar to previous titles, this is a completely new, greatly-expanded series that includes a full-length course and several refreshers.

These include:

  • Preventing Illness (full-length course)
  • Preventing Illness: What Causes Illness? (refresher module)
  • Preventing Illness: Viruses and Vaccines (refresher module)
  • Preventing Illness: Taking Precautions to Prevent Illness (refresher module)

These modules are now live and available in your environment, joining other courses in the Wellness Series, including Recognizing and Managing Fatigue and Healthy Eating.

As a result of this release, Ignite is retiring the older wellness modules on this subject, including The Road to Wellness: Preventing Illness and Injury (refresher course) and Preventing Illness (refresher course.)

The old Preventing Illness & Injury included injury prevention content that is now covered in more depth in other courses, and the (very short) Preventing Illness pulled some content from that old course into a standalone module, which was really only useful at the beginning of the pandemic when people were starting to think about sanitization.

The old titles will be taken offline on January 12, so anyone currently in progress still has some time to complete them.

Cargo Securement: The North American Standard

Some of you still have this older, much more basic cargo securement course, which should have been removed about six years ago. That course isn’t incorrect, it’s just very basic and generic so it’s not as helpful as it could be.

Anyone currently in progress can finish that one, but people needing cargo securement training should be assigned to Practical Cargo Securement (a much more thorough title) going forward.As a result, this course will be taken offline permanently on January 12 as well.