LP – Paperless 2021

juin 21, 2021

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{source}<div class="”jl-container" jl-width-3-5@m jl-width-2-3@s”><h2 class="”lp-heading”">Recruiting, Onboarding, Compliance, Online Learning</h2><p class="”jl-text-large”">TruckRight eliminates all the physical truck driver paperwork you used to have to manage. Soon you’ll wonder what to do with all those empty filing cabinets. <em>That’s a nice problem to have!</em></p></div><hr class="”jl-grid-divider" jl-margin-large-bottom jl-margin-large-top jl-width-small-4-5″ style="”border-top-color:#07527E;margin-left:" auto; margin-right: auto;” /><div class="”jl-width-4-5@s" jl-container jl-column-1-2@m lp-whitepaper-form”><h3 class="”lp-heading”">Recrutement <span class="”material-icons-outlined”">person_search</span></h3><h4>Find and hire better qualified candidates faster, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.</h4><!–<p>Get drivers engaged right from the beginning with a mobile-friendly application and automated drip marketing campaigns to remind drivers who don’t finish the application or to keep them updated on where they are in the recruiting process.</p> –><p>Make your recruiters’ lives easier with a robust Applicant Tracking System, a Quick Application with knockout questions and a Candidate Scorecard to rank the best applicants based on your own criteria. Find efficiencies and streamline your processes.</p><h3 class="”lp-heading”">Intégration <span class="”material-icons-outlined”">how_to_reg</span></h3><h4>Fill the drivers’ seat faster. Reduce onboarding time by up to 50% with a mobile-friendly, paperless workflow.</h4><p>Let the system complete multiple forms with required information. Save driver and recruiter time while increasing completion rates.</p><!–<p>Quickly onboarding a truck driver has never been easier. With this digital workflow drivers can fill out DOT and custom forms before arriving on site for orientation, allowing you to make the most out of your face-to-face time.</p><p>Driver information is pre-populated on all forms, saving them time from filling out the same information over and over again.</p>–><div style="”-webkit-column-break-inside:" avoid; page-break-inside: break-inside: avoid;”><h3 class="”lp-heading”">Conformité <span class="”material-icons-outlined”">inventory</span></h3><h4>Eliminate tracking spreadsheets and enjoy effortless compliance and reporting with paperless Driver Qualification (DQ) files.</h4><p>Always stay up- to-date with new and changing regulations with software that does it all.</p><p>From automated notifications directly to drivers and 24/7 driver access and e-signatures, the TruckRight portal will keep you in compliance.</p></div><h3 class="”lp-heading" jl-margin-top”>Online Learning <span class="”material-icons-outlined”">school</span></h3><h4>Maintain and improve your trucking company’s safety culture while investing in your drivers’ success.</h4><p>TruckRight’s online and interactive learning management system offers anytime, anywhere access, letting your drivers learn at their own pace.</p><p>Use your own content or use our library of industry-specific content designed for adult learners.</p></div>{/source}