New Ignite Module: Exercise for Drivers

Exercise for Drivers

juin 29, 2021


A new full-length course on exercise, along with two related refresher modules, has been released and added to your Ignite environment.

These new courses are replacing the previous, older modules covering the subject. We originally released a series of modules called “The Road to Wellness” back in 2010, including sections on fatigue & sleep, diet & exercise, and preventing illness & injury.

Since then, we’ve made incremental updates to the content as necessary, but a larger overhaul was needed. These new Exercise courses are the third part of that overhaul. Now that this final component of the overhaul is complete, we will retire the full-length The Road to Wellness course and the related refresher courses as of July 31, 2021.

New exercise courses include:

  • Exercise for drivers (full-length course)
  • Exercise for Drivers: The Fitness Mindset (refresher module)
  • Exercise for Drivers: Building an Exercise Routine (refresher module)

End of Life Titles include “The Road to Wellness” (full-length course) and “The Road to Wellness: Diet and Exercise” (refresher module) 

These courses will be taken offline at the end of July (when the new Exercise module will be released) but will remain active until then so anyone currently in progress can complete their work.