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juillet 21, 2021


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Here’s what we think:
<p class="”jl-text-large”"> Trucking industry software shouldn’t be complicated.</p>
<p class="”jl-text-large" jl-text-primary”><strong>You’re already busy enough.</strong></p>
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<h3>With that said, here’s what you get when you sign on with TruckRight:</h3>
<h4>The Ability to Hire Truck Drivers Faster, and Retain Them Longer</h4>
<p>Our intuitive software boasts a simple driver application that’s mobile-friendly and reduces onboarding time. You’ll source better-qualified candidates with built-in CRM and industry-leading analytics. You can decrease onboarding time by up to 50%, pre-populate essential data, and provide DOT and customized forms. </p>
<h4>The Chance to Empower Drivers With Online Driver Training</h4>
<p>TruckRight’s interactive Learning Management System offers an extensive training library (view available courses here). On top of this, you’re also able to add your own content. Remedial training needed? We offer that, too, on top of real-time analytics and reporting.</p>
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<h4>The Opportunity to Experience Worry-Free Compliance</h4>
<p>TruckRight makes it easy to stay compliant with paperless DQ files, automated DOT compliance, real-time analytics and reporting, corrective action management and an accident registry.</p>
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<h4>On-the-Go Access</h4>
<p>Our mobile-friendly platform is the next generation of applicant tracking systems, automated compliance management, paperless driver qualification files, learning management systems for online training and orientation, and more.</p>
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An Enterprise Solution Designed by Truckers, For Truckers
We like to say we’re truck people, and we think it shows. We’ve designed our paperless solutions with drivers of all ages and backgrounds in mind, knowing there’s at least one thing they all have in common: <em>they just want to be on the road.</em>