Celebrating the safest of the safe

Celebrating safe drivers

mai 15, 2024


Celebrating the safest of the safe

At TruckRight, one thing we never lose sight of is this: no matter how advanced trucking technology becomes, the front lines of safety and service are in the hands of people. A huge part of what our software does is help fleets track manage safety and compliance. But it’s with the truck drivers and safety professionals themselves where the rubber really hits the road.

It’s for this reason that we jumped at the chance to become the exclusive sponsor of two brand-new Ontario-wide awards from the Fleet Safety Council (FSC): Driver of the Year and Safety Professional of the Year. And it’s why we struck a five-year agreement to ensure the awards continue for the foreseeable future.

The trucking industry, as far as I’m concerned, can’t do enough to honour the people who act as our ambassadors for safety and service. And the FSC is in the best position to recognize and award the people in our industry who go above and beyond in their daily roles.

Moving forward, they will present these annual awards to two Ontario-based professionals whose exemplary safety records and dedication to service are more than just a credit to themselves and their fleet, but a credit to the entire trucking and transport industry. Each winner will be honoured with a leather jacket, a trophy, and a $2,500 prize.

How to nominate your colleagues

So what criteria is the FSC looking for? A clean and safe driving record is just the beginning. The two winners will also show a dedication to community service, great customer service, the promotion of transportation safety, and to high personal integrity.

To nominate a driver or safety professional, here’s how the process works.

  • Visit the Chapter Information page on the Fleet Safety Council website. Then choose your region’s chapter, and download the nomination form.
  • Fill out the form and send it to your chapter administrator no later than June 30th, 2024.
  • Chapter winners will be announced at chapter meetings in September.
  • These winners will become the finalists for the overall Ontario awards.
  • The overall winners will be announced at the 32nd FSC Annual Conference this fall.

It’s no cake-walk

The rigorous nomination process is one of the many reasons we chose to give these Awards our full support. Statistics and standards are critical benchmarks of safety, of course. It’s the intangible things, though, that make a good driver great: going above and beyond to help a customer, to serve their community, or to risk their own health and safety to help someone in an emergency. These good works often go unnoticed (often by the driver themselves, who sometimes just sees them as the right thing to do) and these Awards will help recognize them.

We also loved the FSC’s decision to choose regional, then province-wide winners. This ensures that drivers from every corner of Ontario have a chance to be recognized. The FSC needed sponsorship help to bring that to fruition, and we were more than happy to step in.

As the FSC’s Rick Brown puts it: “Laddering it up from the regional chapters to the province as a whole is long overdue, and I’d like to thank TruckRight for helping us make it happen.”

Happy to help, Rick!

Ontario has some the best (and safest) truck drivers in the world. It also has some of the best safety professionals backing them up. That’s why we’re proud of our five-year commitment to sponsor the FSC’s Driver of the Year and Safety Professional of the Year awards. And why we’re so excited to present the winners this fall.

See you there.