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Innovation, Motivation and Integration: TCA Presents Annual Safety and Security Meeting

For nearly 40 years, the Truckload Carriers Association’s Safety & Security Meeting has brought truckload carrier safety professionals together to discuss problems, share ideas, and seek solutions to make their businesses and our roads safer.

This year, the TCA is taking the event online from June 23-25 to give vendors a virtual opportunity to educate attendees about their products and services.

“The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has been working hard to maintain meaningful educational opportunities for members and the wider trucking community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to help trucking professionals feel connected to one another and to ensure that critical conversations surrounding trucking safety can still take place, TCA is proud to present our Virtual Safety & Security Meeting. We are confident attendees will glean timely takeaways that will help them successfully navigate the safety challenges that present themselves as the economy and the industry rebound in the months ahead,” said TCA’s Vice President of Government Affairs David Heller.

Join TruckRight

TruckRight is excited to announce we’ll be joining more than 1,000 industry professionals for this event as we participate as a virtual vendor.

We'll show you how:

  • To protect your fleet’s cybersecurity with electronic DQ files;
  • Automated DOT compliance can shift the way you do business;
  • Recruiting, HR and compliance work together in one platform;
  • Our mobile-friendly software reduces costs and increases efficiencies across your company;
  • You can get drivers on the road faster;
  • Worry-free compliance is possible;
  • You can reduce driver onboarding time with paperless systems;
  • You can empower your drivers with our interactive Learning Management System.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend insightful panel discussions, get to know us by perusing our virtual vendor showcase, participate in live chats with trucking industry professionals, and more.

Protecting Your Fleet & Driver Files

Here are a couple of facts to consider:

  • Companies today lose about 20 to 30% of revenue every year because of inefficiencies;
  • Nuclear verdicts are happening more and more often – and with increased severity. To paint a picture, in one instance last year, one verdict amounted to nearly $300 million;

Don’t let your fleet become part of these harsh statistics; stop by our virtual booth and learn how TruckRight’s intuitive software can help make sure you’re protected.

Schedule a time with one of TruckRight’s team members during the meeting, or if you’d like, you can book a demo before then here.

Further details about the conference can be found here.

We can’t wait to “see” you there!

Virtual Conference Tips

In light of COVID-19, there’s a good chance this is your first time attending a virtual conference. Here are some helpful tips so you can get the most out of your digital experience:

  • Book time in your calendar: When you physically attend a conference, you’re away from the usual day-to-day distractions your workday brings. A virtual meeting means you need to schedule it into your calendar so you can actively engage and network. Set the time aside, close your door, and be present. While digital conferences are often recorded so you can view the content at a later date, this doesn't allow you to ask questions of vendors and network with other attendees - which is a vital part of any conference.
  • Don’t let yourself get distracted. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked by constant email notifications, text messages and phone calls. Make sure you set your devices to Do Not Disturb so you can exclusively engage in the conference.
  • Take notes. Conferences always provide a ton of content – and it's easy to forget what's important when all is said and done. Our advice? Always jot down notes so you can make a note of exciting connections, concepts and ideas.
  • Engage. Virtual conferences allow you to peruse through virtual booths, so be sure to take a look around and then engage with the vendor. Even though you can't meet face-to-face (at least for now!), it's an excellent opportunity to chat more in-depth about their products and services, and whether or not they're in line with what you offer as a business owner.

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How much do you spend on non-compliance?

Litigation Calculator


The true cost of an accident can be staggering. Besides direct costs, indirect costs like poor publicity, lost clients and lost productivity can take a toll. The average cost for a truck accident is $148,279, not including litigation. It would take an additional revenue of $7,413,950 to pay the accident costs, assuming an average profit margin of 2%. A study of over one million lines of data on truck violations discovered that over 28,000 trucking companies, representing over 200,000 trucks, operated with safety violations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s (FMSCA) settlement for non-compliance was $36,262,097 in 2014 with an average fine of over $7,000 per case.